Teach and Travel Tips on Possible Destinations

A lot of people want to travel abroad not by joining a tourist package but by working their way through longer stays that allow them to live with the locals. For people who think this way it is important that they are not rushed from one tourist sight to another and they want get to experience the true essence of the place they visit. If you are of the same mind then take note that this is a very viable idea today especially if you are willing to teach. You might say that you are not a teacher and this would not be an option for you but do hold that thought and walk through some teach and travel ideas. There might be one that would be just right for you.


Places that Need Teachers for Certain Fields

Many countries outside of the United States and Europe need teachers for special fields and for spoken English. Many of them will not require that you have a bachelor’s degree with English as a major but it would be of value if you were in a related course and if you took special courses in teaching, grammar and conversational English. There are also short courses that you can take to equip you for this endeavor. For example, some community colleges will have short courses on grammar and basic writing. Then, if you can sit in on a language course for students who do not speak English, your chances of getting a job teaching English abroad would be greatly improved. The greatest need in countries outside of USA is for certified mentors who can help students pass tests like TOEFL.


There are opportunities as well for people with experience in special fields. These would include expertise in solar energy, waste management, community development and many other areas. It is important though that you not only have experience in these fields but that you acquire some knowledge of how to teach them. This means going through modules, reading books and magazines and it may also mean attending some courses.





When you rummage through teach and travel ideas, your thoughts will inevitably bring you to China. Every year, China welcomes people to teach English in many schools that have been put up for the purpose of improving their students’ capacity to read and converse in English. China is a big and beautiful country with a lot to offer in terms of history, culture and magnificent sights. There is an amazing variety of things to see, to learn and to experience in China. If you visit the small towns in rural China, you will be charmed by the sincerity of the people and touched by their eagerness to make new friends. You will see a totally different way of farming and living. If you decide to teach in China be prepared for students who take learning very, very seriously.





This beautiful country regularly welcomes many foreign teachers to teach English and special fields of endeavor. As you live in Thailand you will see beautiful temples, dine on delicious and exotic foods, and see countless tourist sites. Most of all, you will live with people who are calm, friendly and always willing to learn. The best teach and travel ideas should include a stint in this country.




Foreign teachers of English in Vietnam are able to witness the dynamic growth of a country that has managed to preserve its culture through decades of political strife and war. This is a country of extraordinary natural beauty and of well-kept traditions. There is great openness to learning about women’s studies, health and technology.



Korea is a very worthwhile destination for teachers. Most Korean students have taken years of English classes during their elementary and high school days but many will need exposure to conversational English and help I  accent reduction. Korean students are very conscientious and their thirst for improvement makes teaching easy.