How to See the World Through Teach and Travel Visa

In order for you to do legal work in most foreign countries, a work visa is mandatory. It is an official document that grants a citizen from another country the permit to enter a particular country to work for a specified period of time. Aside from work visa, there are other types of visas but these are categorized generally as immigrant or non-immigrant visas. Some examples of non-immigrant or temporary visas that people are interested to know more about are working holiday visa, student visa and tourist visa. So, if you are a teacher, you are more likely to be interested with teach and travel visa that will allow you see the world while doing a job on the side.


Things You Must Know About Teach and Travel Visa

  • If a citizen from any country wishes to work in a foreign country, it is mandatory to seek permission to work in the form of a visa after all, this means taking a job from one of its own citizens. This is the basis for imposing strict rules regarding non-citizens wanting to work abroad. A visa allows the host country to determine if the teacher or any other job/visa applicant possesses special skills not found among their own population or demaned in their country fill a need.
  • A teach and travel visa is actually a work visa for teachers. The process of obtaining a visa for different countries is not exactly the same in every country. In certain countries, this means applying through their own government for the visa in the country one intends to do work.
  • Before making any plan for any visa, find out first about the foreign relations of the country of origin to the intended country of destination. This means that when one country does not offer visas for the citizens of a particular country, that particular country reciprocates the treatment by not also offering visas to the people of the other country.
  • Typically, a letter or a certification of employment from employers is required to prove that you are really a professional teacher. Another requirement that will prove that there is the intention to come back to country of origin is a return airline ticket. These are on top of the regular requirements like birth certificate, passport size photos, IDs and a fee.
  • Teachers who want to teach and travel in U.S. must have a Bachelor’s degree equivalent to a 4-year degree in the U.S. They must also have a formal training in teaching from a reputable learning institution from the country of origin that is willing to issue them a certification to prove their experience. Most States also mandates their teachers to have a teaching license. The requirements may vary from state to state; inquiring from the Human Resource Department of the school district that is offering you a job is the best source of information regarding requirements and policies.
  • An educator who would want to teach in the U.S. has a number of visa options that are determined by their needs and circumstances. Non-immigrant visas are available to meet the need for teacher shortages. They usually come under the H-1B program, while the others fall within the J-1 visa category.
  • Educators may also enter the U.S. through other ways. Those who come for a conference or to observe certain best practices in the U.S. education system can enter on a B-1 business visitor visa. The H-2B visa is intended for seasonal workers; this may also be applied for by a teacher since the academic year lasts for only nine months. R-1 is religious worker visas that can be applicable to religion teachers. L-1, on the other hand, is a kind of visa that is applicable to foreign educational programs with U.S. operations. O-1 visa is intended for teachers with exemplary teaching abilities as proven by academic records and meritorious awards.

If you are an educator, there are many types of teach and travel visas that you can apply for to fulfill your dream of travelling while doing a job that you love. Indeed, wherever you go, teachers are in demand.