Bounty hunter TK4 tracker IV

Best Metal Detectors for Kids

Every parent wants to know that there kids are safe even when they are nit around. Nurturing hobbies is one of the easiest ways to guarantee that your kid will always do the right thing without supervision. An interesting hobby to take up is metal detection for treasure hunts. It starts with finding the right detector tool though so its important to read metal detector reviews to get the right idea what you need. Here are some of the most favorable ones for your child in 2015.

Bounty hunter TK4 tracker IV

Bounty hunter TK4 tracker IVThis is a rugged machine with a solid finish and is excellent for use in harsh soil conditions with high mineral content. It has a preset feature that gives it immunity to minerals thus allowing elimination of unwanted metals. It comes with a notch/disc for metal discrimination according to their strengths and sensitivity and can be adjusted to reduce electromagnetic interference. It has an 8’’ concentric coil that is submersible allowing for use in dam grass and shallow waters with a search range of the same 8 inches for similar sized objects and a 3-inch allowance for search of larger objects.

It operates in three modes namely the motion all metal mode, discrimination mode and tracker IV mode. The last mode uses two different tones to distinguish between metals, the first mode sweeps across an area and gives the concentration of metals whereas the second mode metals to give favorable signals for strengths and sensitivity both of which can be adjusted to reduce electromagnetic interference. It is light weighing 3.7lb giving it an easy and prolonged service because the kid will not get tired. It has a padded armrest and a detector stand.

Bounty hunter gold digger

Bounty hunter gold diggerThis stylish metal detector that comes in handy at the beach for kids (see another review here), in your compound and in the park. Best suited for coins detection at a depth of 6’’ for small sizes and 2’’ for larger sized has an 8’’ concentric search coil that can be submerged in shallow waters like in the beaches. It comes with an automated tuning and ground balance that adjusts to any soil mineral content.

It has a treasure measure and adjustable sensitivity capabilities. Instead of a discriminator, it has a trash eliminator that gets rid of unwanted metals according to their signal strengths. Users are able to tell the metal concentration in an area using this detector because of its all-metal mode functionality.

Ground EFX MCI youth metal detector

Ground EFX MCI youth metal detectorExcellent for water or land use because of its enhanced durability that matches the harshness of kids handling. It uses a simple eliminator for metal detection and visual target indicator that makes it easy to identify. Its battery ok test is useful when users want to know the duration they have left before the detector fails them completely. It has the ability of detecting coins up to a 5’’ depth and 24’ for larger pieces. It is best used in shallow waters like in beaches. Its audio variability depends on signal strength making it to get louder in higher frequencies.


Tips for Beginners Cross bow Hunters

The art of cross bow hunting is not without its controversies and as a sport has been gaining great popularity in recent years. However, the sport’s advocates are winning the fight and more people are taking it up. Cross bow has numerous advantages compared to the compound bow use. However, before taking up the sport, a lot of things needed to be understood by you.

The good thing with cross bows is that once they are sighted in then users are good to go. It is of little importance if the hunter is right handed or left handed. All you need to do to be able to fire a cross bow is to cock it properly. This makes it a handy hunting tool that even kids can be introduced to. A hunter does not require super strength to pull back the bowstring not to mention that the kick and bark of a gun is absent. Learn more about archery and crossbows over at

Learn about the Range

archeryOne thing that hunters appreciate about cross bows is the ability to be perfectly still when a deer is I sight as you wants for it to get in range. The bow is already drawn meaning that you do not have to stand and draw attention or alert the herd. They are idea for ground blind hunting. All you need to be able to shoot a cross bow of the right range is the ability to remain steady.

It is important that before you start that your bow should have a draw weight of not less than fifty pounds. On the same note, arrows should not be less than 900 grains. With your tools in check, the next sensible thing to do is to find out any hunting restriction in your area.

Beginners need to stay close to experienced hunters to learn the skills of hunting for prey. When you gain confidence then in this field of hunters can now make you as a group member.

Preparation is Key

Proper preparation is necessary when bow hunting using a compound bow. Start by wearing the right hunting clothe that will make you camouflage. The most important thing about bow hunting, regardless of the tool you choose is practice. Beginners should become acquainted with the tool before they can begin using them. Practice constantly on how to shoot at different angles.

Your confidence with arrows and bow is what determines the amount of catch you are likely to get. It is not enough to wear the right cloth and becoming acquainted with your bow but also try to know how far you can shoot. This will give you an idea of how far you need to be targeting your prey.

crossbow shootingAll bow hunters know how important positioning is. If you are, upwind chances are that you will not see any prey they will have smelled you and fled. This means that you need to stay downwind always where you are likely to see more animals but you may have to stalk it first. This is where the challenge comes in especially if you have not mastered the skills of being silent. You must be able to avoid alarming the animal if you want a chance to shoot it.