Best Personal Humidifier for Travel

Travel requires you to leave the comfort of your home and venture out into a different environment. It may be travel for business, job, to meet someone or vacation with the family. The travel may require you to stay at a relative’s place or in the hotel. The temperature may be hot or cold, requiring you to switch on the cooling or heating.

You may be able to adjust to the new bed by using the pillows and sheets but the dehumidification can be a cause of concern. In the morning, it is quite likely that you can have a headache, flu like symptoms, and dry and itchy skin. At home, you keep the environment in control by using the humidifier but the same may not be available at the outside location.

portable humidifier

The gadget that comes to your rescue is the personal humidifier for travel. Let us look at the features that it offers to its user:


The personal humidifiers available in the market offer the portability that makes them nearly perfect for use in travel. They are compact enough to easily fit your travel bag or suitcase (see example here). Some of them come with parts that are easy to assemble and occupy lesser space. Also, check the offers on sale. There is quite a good chance that you may be able to buy a personal humidifier with a free or included carrying pouch.


The personal humidifiers are convenient to use. All you need at the destination point is a bottle of water. Some personal humidifiers have their own container, but the latest ones allow you to fit in the standard bottles available at all locations, thus saving you travel bag space. The 500 ml bottle of water would last seven hours of sleep easily, thus ensuring that you do not have to get up in the middle of the night for a refill.


The personal travel humidifiers use the ultrasonic technology to offer you a cool mist and a silent operation. There is a built in ionizer at the heart of the equipment. It purifies the air around you by removing bacteria, allergens, and other pollutants. The ion numbers may go as high as 0.3 million per cubic cm. You can also adjust the mist to your comfort level. If you want to learn more about humidifiers I would recommend reading reviews to you can pick the best humidifier for your needs.


The devices of today offer you convenient power options to plug in and run it. You can find the universal adapter option in the market that allows you plug it to 100 and 240 volt AC. The latest devices offering the portable convenience are coming with USB ports suitable for USB 2.0 and 3.0 offering you a low power consumption of just 2 watts.

By using the above guidelines you can go in for selecting the best personal humidifier for travel purposes.  You can chose from the classy ones looking like the harmonica or with ceramic painted bodies. The choice should be made carefully. The eye-catching ones may not be suitable for the whole night operation. So match your requirements and convenience with the features available when selecting the device.