Best Paint Sprayers for Air Compressors

If you are looking for the best paint sprayer (see here) that you can use with an air compressor this review will help you find the right products. Below are four of the best paint sprayers you can get for a decent price. If you are looking for air compressor reviews you can find those over at the Air Compressor Talk.

Titan 0552077T Advantage 100

Titan 0552077T Advantage 100Spraying at least 0.29 gallons per minute, this paint sprayer is strong enough to handle most of your basic needs at home. With an LX-50 four-finger metal spray gun with a swivel and a 25 feet house, it offers a spacious latitude for motion when doing a painting task. Its rugged and stable mount makes it perfect for a painting job. Its motor is rated at 0.5HP and its pump gives up to 2800 PSI operating pressure, which is enough to meet all tedious paining jobs on offer. It is excellent for medium sized jobs. Its high preference comes because of its easy maintenance and noiseless setup. It suits entry-level users as well as seasoned contractors.

Graco magnum 261815 Hi-Boy Cart Airless paint sprayer

Graco magnum 261815 Hi-Boy Cart Airless paint sprayerIt is perfectly suited for regular use that most people detest due to several failed attempts of painting a wall using power tools using a paint sprayer because they break down after some time of use. It is excellent for any person that hesitates using a sprayer for fear of break down due to overuse. With this model, you will rest easy knowing that it will work on without failure. What’s more, it comes with a moveable cart that makes it easy for users to be mobile while painting.

It is perfectly designed for a contractor who has regular paint jobs due to its large allows for completion of interior and exterior paint jobs in small and large buildings with professionalism. It is a perfect choice because it can complete all types of tasks efficient, has economical features, adjustable pressure control as well as easy maintenance hence cutting down the cost of performance..

Consumer grade black and Decker BDPH400 HVLP paint sprayer

Decker BDPH400 HVLP paint sprayerIt uses the high volume and low-pressure combination technique. Sprucing up a job with precise control is possible because features of this sprayer are unique. Excellent for thin paints and stains as it has the ability to complete the task four as fast that a brush or roller has an electric cord with a piston and trigger. Its viscosity cup helps in determining the paint has a good viscosity to allow effective spraying.

It comes with user-friendly controls and indicators and it is affordable for most people. Its sufficient power makes it possible to paint the whole house without the hassles of painting with a brush or roller. The tip can be set to get three different spray patterns without experiencing any transition challenges. It canister is easy to fill and clean without separating it from the sprayer.

Wagner 0518080

Wagner 0518080It is a multi-dimensional and multipurpose paint sprayer with variable flow control, spray pattern, and variable air pressure. It can handle materials of different density because of it powerful turbine regardless of if it is thick or thin. It is an affordable sprayer that comes with multiple is easy to handle because of its lightweight of 10lbs.its front door facility makes poring and replacing liquids safe and easy for any user.